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Kuwait Prize 2019 Invitation for Nominations

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences invites Universities, Scientific and Research Institutions and individuals (see items 3 and 4 below) to submit nominations of Kuwaiti and Arab scientists for the 2019 cycle of the Kuwait Prize.

The four fields for 2019 cycle of the Prize are*: 

Fundamental Sciences:  (Mathematics - including but not limited to; Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology, Actuarial Mathematics, Statistics) 

Applied Sciences:  (Environmental - including but not limited to; Climate change,Desertification, Biodiversity, Waste Management, Environmental Health) 

Economics and Social Sciences:  (Social Sciences - including but not limited to; Sociology, Psychology, Political Sciences in addition to modern interdisciplinary Fields) 

Arts and Literature: Studies of Foreign Languages and Literature

KFAS awards an annual Prize cash sum of K.D. 40,000 (Approx. $135,000) for each field.

Download the application form.

Conditions and requirements: 
1 - The nominee must be from an Arab nationality and have a proof of Arabic origin; either an Arabic birth certificate or a valid Arabic passport. A copy of the birth certificate or passport should be attached along with the submitted application. 

2 - The work submitted should be innovative, significant in the announced field, and published during the past twenty years. Submitted work includes papers published or accepted for publication in refereed Journals and books with ISBN number (authored, translated, edited, and chapters in books). MA or PhD theses and any publications extracted from them shall not be evaluated as part of the nominee’s  scientific work.

3 - KFAS will consider nominations from universities, academic and research institutions, scientific centers, former laureates of the prizes and peers of the nominees.

4 - KFAS will accept self-nominations. To support self-nominations, nominees should provide a list of five references: four academics/ researchers and one scientific institution. KFAS will seek out support letters from three of these references. (two academics and the scientific institution).

5 - KFAS decisions concerning the prizes are final and objections are not accepted.

6 - Nominees must fill in the prize nomination form and send it along with the submitted work electronically.  The nomination form is obtained from the KFAS website. The nomination form for Fundamental Sciences and Applied Sciences Fields should be submitted in English version.

7 - The nomination form along with the comprehensive scientific achievements completed in the past twenty years should be sent in PDF format, through the cloud storage services sites such as (Google Drive–Dropbox–OneDrive) via Prizes email:   

8 - Required documents must be sent no later than end of June 2019

For more information and inquiries please, contact the Prizes Office on the following: Tel: +965-22270465 Fax: +965-22270462 or E-Mail: 

*Topics of the fields are subject to change annually.